If you want to make a referral to Brainworks, well, it’s easy. Just follow the instructions below. Whichever method you choose, you will receive prompt and confidential attention.

By phone: (519) 657-1180, ext. 0.

Our administrative assistant will transfer your call to the most appropriate staff member to discuss details.

By fax: (519) 657-1182

Download our referral form and complete it, print and fax it to our office.

By e-mail:

Download our referral form and complete it, save your document and e-mail it to us.

Have you been having trouble finding the help that you need?

At Brainworks we provide services, programs and solutions to address many problems and needs – but we don’t have answers for everything. If you need a service or a treatment that we do not offer, we will use our expertise and extensive network of colleagues and contacts to save you the time and frustration of navigating an unfamiliar path. If you call us we will provide the help you need or help you to find it elsewhere. There is no charge for this service.