Matthew Pickard, M.Sc., Ph.D. <br />
Psychologist (Supervised Practice)
Matthew Pickard, M.Sc., Ph.D.
Psychologist (Supervised Practice)
Location: Huntsville & Near North
Phone: (705) 787 – 7500 ext. 522
Toll Free: (877) 421-7575 ext. 522
Email: [email protected]

Meet Matthew

Matthew Pickard brings to Brainworks a wealth of assessment and therapy experience. He earned his Counselling Psychology from the University of Central Arkansas, and joined Brainworks in 2017 as a Psychologist (Supervised Practice) covering the near-north region. With a caring and motivating approach, he works from a client-centred orientation in that he always places the needs of his clients first, addressing their most pressing need at the outset.

Matthew has conducted one-to-one therapy sessions with clients of all ages for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, relationship, grief, and adjustment difficulties. He has provided assessments for children that included cognitive, academic, adaptive behaviour, visual memory, attention, and language / auditory components, and he conducted assessments for those with severe intellectual disability.

Matthew’s Practice Areas

All treatment begins with an assessment. Matthew uses a combination of reliable and valid techniques and tools to complete psychological and general rehabilitation assessments. Matthew takes the information gathered from the assessment and weaves it into a comprehensive and complete picture that guides recommendations and treatment.
Matthew provides assessment and treatment for chronic pain. Additionally, Matthew works closely with a team of professionals to offer Contain Your Pain©, Brainworks’ multidisciplinary pain management coaching program, which helps participants gain control of their pain condition through education, motivation and support.
Matthew offers counselling as well as innovative rehabilitation programming to address cognitive, behavioural, emotional, and psychosocial concerns resulting from serious injuries. He has extensive experience working with issues such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, chronic pain, and brain injury.
In all cases, Matthew, a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario, clinically directs treatment programming. However, when required and requested, specially trained rehabilitation therapists are utilized for those clients that would benefit from using psychological strategies, but do not currently demonstrate the ability to apply these types of strategies independently at home and in the community. In this case, the client receives hands-on, direct instruction and support from the rehabilitation therapist in order to functionally integrate the psychological strategies into their day-to-day life. When Matthew uses rehabilitation therapists, they serve as an adjunct, not an alternative to the psychologist.

Matthew’s Bio

When meeting with clients and their families, Matthew endeavours to gauge each client’s understanding of their situation and provides the psychoeducation necessary to help them better understand the journey ahead. From there, he guides them with encouragement to move forward. He uses tools such as educational fact sheets and learning questionnaires that they initially work on together.

Matthew helps his clients feel more confident and hopeful about the future by helping them see that they can be successful in life through learning tools and strategies tailored specifically for their needs. He helps them feel empowered to rediscover skills they thought they had lost and develop new effective ones.

Matthew enjoys motivating clients by demonstrating that they can best achieve the goals they set by breaking each goal down into smaller steps. Every success builds on itself, with the joy of accomplishment motivating his clients to attempt the next step with increasing confidence and momentum. He helps clients feel that their hard work and desire to succeed are what propelled their personal-growth journey; they feel more positive and look forward to the future in a way they didn’t before.