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    Social Media – A modern platform with benefits for the entire ABI community

Social Media – A modern platform with benefits for the entire ABI community

By |March 20th, 2014|

Individuals who acquire a brain injury (ABI) can experience untold challenges. The difficulty with understanding the impacts of brain injury can only be matched by the complexity of the brain itself. From the cognitive to the physical, from academic pursuits to vocational aspirations – and from the very young to the newly retired, brain injury is blind. Brain injury touches everyone. A significant and common consequence to brain injury can be seen in the [...]

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Be Wary Of All The Hype With Skype

By |June 18th, 2012|

By Arden McGregor, MA, CPsychAssoc, CBIST, and Dennis Radman, Hons. BSc, RRP, CBIST

Recent advances in technology have led the way to a myriad of face-to-face services being transplanted to the Internet. Rehabilitation professionals have begun to evaluate and harness the utility of email, instant messaging and video conferencing to serve their clients (Zack, 2008). Using the internet to conduct counseling, psychotherapy and even rehabilitation is a cutting-edge method of service delivery. Providing services without the hassle [...]

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While Treating Mind & Body, Don’t Neglect the Soul: Integrating Spirituality into Assessment & Treatment of Chronic Pain

By |April 23rd, 2011|

We’re all aware of the evolution as we expanded from the medical to the bio-psycho-social models of conceptualizing pain. When the current generation started in healthcare, the medical model was still very much in vogue. As our knowledge base expanded, our model of thinking about pain expanded.

That was then, this is now. With research, with advocacy, with numerous campaigns we have moved forward, we are progressing into a biopsychosocial-spiritual framework. Whether we are aware [...]

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